I [li:v] past tense, past participle - left; verb
1) (to go away or depart from, often without intending to return: He left the room for a moment; They left at about six o'clock; I have left that job.) zapustiti, odpotovati
2) (to go without taking: She left her gloves in the car; He left his children behind when he went to France.) pustiti
3) (to allow to remain in a particular state or condition: She left the job half-finished.) pustiti
4) (to let (a person or a thing) do something without being helped or attended to: I'll leave the meat to cook for a while.) pustiti
5) (to allow to remain for someone to do, make etc: Leave that job to the experts!) prepustiti
6) (to make a gift of in one's will: She left all her property to her son.) zapustiti
- leave out
- left over
II [li:v] noun
1) (permission to do something, eg to be absent: Have I your leave to go?) dovoljenje
2) ((especially of soldiers, sailors etc) a holiday: He is home on leave at the moment.) dopust
- take one's leave of
- take one's leave
* * *
I [li:v]
dovoljenje, privoljenje; dopust; slovo
leave of absence — dopust
to ask s.o. for leave — ali to ask leave of s.o. — prositi koga za dovoljenje
by your leave — z vašim dovoljenjem
leave off — dovoljenje za odsotnost
to get leave off — dobiti dovoljenje za odsotnost
on leave — na dopustu
to go on leave — iti na dopust
leave on pay — plačan dopust
to take leave to say — dovoliti si reči
to take leave of — posloviti se od
to take one's leave — oditi
to take French leave — oditi brez pozdrava
to take leave of one's senses — priti ob pamet
ticket of leave — pogojni dopust (kaznjenca)
II [li:v]
transitive verb
pustiti, zapustiti, prepustiti; opustiti, prenehati; pustiti, na cedilu, iti preko česa; American dovoliti, dopustiti;
intransitive verb
oditi, odpotovati (for kam)
to be left — ostati
colloquially to get left — ostati na cedilu
to leave in the lurch — pustiti na cedilu
colloquially it leaves me cold ( —ali cool) — ne zanima me, ne vznemirja me
colloquially leave it at that — naj ostane pri tem
to leave things as they are — pustiti stvari kot so, pustiti stvari pri miru
6 from 8 leaves 2 — 8-6 je 2
there is nothing left to us but to go — ne preostane nam drugega kot da gremo
to be left till called for — poštno ležeče
I have nothing left — nič mi ni ostalo
left on hand — preostalo (v zalogi)
it leaves much to be desired — še zdaleč ni dovolj
to leave no stone unturned — obrniti vsak kamen, vsestransko se truditi
to leave s.o. wondering whether — pustiti koga v dvomu o
I leave it to you — to prepuščam tebi
to leave to accident ( —ali chance) — prepustiti naključju
to leave s.o. to himself ( —ali to his own devices) — prepustiti koga samemu sebi
to be well left — dobro dedovati
to leave s.o. in the dark — zamolčati komu kaj, ne povedati komu česa
to leave a place for another — oditi kam od kod
to leave hold of — spustiti kaj
vulgar to leave go of — spustiti kaj iz rok
to leave one's mark (up)on — zapustiti neizbrisen vtis
to leave open — pustiti (vprašanje) odprto
to leave up to — prepustiti
to leave word — sporočiti, pustiti sporočilo
to leave card on s.o. — pustiti vizitko pri kom
III [li:v]
intransitive verb

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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